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Get into the "Movement" Movement

We typically associate healthy movement with exercise and fitness, with the goal of weight loss and looking a certain way. However, this just one way to think about our physical body and health. It's true that being at a healthy weight can be an indication for lowered risk factors for chronic disease, and you tend to look good when you are fit.

But that's not the only way to look at it.

Your ability to move and move well are also accurate indicators of your health!

Thinking in terms of healthy movement can be a simpler, and more inviting way to keep ourselves healthy too!

So if thinking in terms of exercise and fitness aren't doing it for you, think in terms of healthy movement. It can be more interesting, liberating, and most importantly, more functional.

Healthy movement includes activities you can do with family and friends, it can give you skills and actually strengthen muscles that you'll use to play, or work with.

When you engage in healthy movement, the focus on health is more evenly distributed towards strengthening relationships, communicate and express ourselves, exercising our cognitive abilities to better think, learn, and remember, and straight up having fun for the sake of fun.

And don't think we're letting you off that easily. Although you may gravitate towards engaging in healthy movement when the weather is warmer, we have a list of some ways you can move ALLLL winter long :) before you roll your eyes - just give it a try, dress warmly - we ask that you just don't knock it before you've tried it!



•Skiing / Snowboarding

•Skating on an outdoor rink – yup, even in Vancouver you can find some frozen ponds. Toronto we’re fortunate to have a few rinks open all season(Full experience destinations: Rideau canal in Quebec, Red River Mutual Trail in Winnipeg)

•Ice Hockey

•Ice Fishing


•Snowball fights – get them forts up first

(Access to this makes one proud to be Canadian)


Ok, we'll be nice. If the brisk weather doesn't get you feeling frisky (we're talking innocent playfulness here), here are some indoor activities that are equally beneficial.


•Yoga/ Hot Yoga (for the true heat lovers)

•Rock climbing




•Playing music - if you like to move a lot when you play / sing this can also be a physically healthy bonus in addition to the psychological & cognitive benefits!

The list can go on as there are countless ways you can move indoors.

We recognize the importance of movement for our health.

By engaging in healthy movement, not only will you be happier because you look better, but because your body is moving the way it's made to - it's not holding you back from doing what you want and need to do during daily activities and when doing something fun!

Plus, one of my absolute favorite parts of winter is being cozy after it all.


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