• Dr. Michelle Jackson, ND

Look out Lindsay, Ontario!

I'm excited to share that I have started practice as a Naturopathic Doctor at a multi-disciplinary clinic in my hometown, Lindsay, Ontario! I have a general practice for teens, adults and seniors, with a special focus on fatigue and chronic disease. I'm currently accepting new patients.

I'm no longer going to be creating regular content for Whole & Holistic, which was a really tough decision for me - I will miss being part of this amazing blog!

I wanted to direct my energy towards a project I'm really excited about, which is creating a blog series on Overcoming Fatigue which will cover all the various factors that contribute to lack of energy and exploring the different contributing medical conditions.

If you'd like to stay connected, please subscribe to my website at and/or follow on facebook and instagram: @MichelleJacksonND.

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