• Dr. Sarah Dimunno, ND

3 Ways You Could Be Unknowingly Raising Your Estrogen Levels

Hormones are complicated and the last thing we need is for what we’re eating and surrounding ourselves with to create even more mayhem. But that’s exactly what xenoestrogens do! Xenoestrogens are compounds that imitate estrogen in the body. Our bodies react to xenoestrogens in the same way or stronger than it does when we naturally produce this female hormone. This is especially bad for those who have estrogen dominant conditions or conditions known to have too much estrogen such as endometriosis or breast cancer. Men - don’t think you are immune to this! You can also ingest xenoestrogens which can lead to things such as a lowered libido or gynecomastia.

Lucky for you, I’ve made a list of things you can bust for sneakily raising your estrogen levels.

1. Beef/Dairy -> In both Canada and the US, cattle are given hormone replacement therapy meaning when we eat beef we are also consuming synthetic estrogen and testosterone (converts into estrogen).

Solution: Purchasing produce from a ethically sourced butcher or eating wild game can lower the load of extra hormones that you are consuming. As well as using dairy alternatives such as coconut or almond milk. Notice I did not list soy as an alternative. This is because soy is a phytoestrogen and will also have an affect on estrogen in the body.

2. Plastic Containers -> Many of you may have heard of the compound Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is removed from many children’s products today. However, they are not removed from the plastic containers that we commonly use to store food. BPA and phthalates leach into food, especially when used in the microwave. Yikes!

Solution: Make the switch from plastic to glass containers. You can find them on sale at sears or homeoutfitters.

3. White Products -> Tampons, pads and toilet paper are all bleached, which causes them to release dioxin (a type of xenoestrogen). Tampons when made out of rayon also contain dioxin.

Solution: Use alternatives such as 100 % organic tampons and pads such as Easy period or for those more adventurous the Diva Cup.

Honourable mention - Beware of the cosmetics you use! In north America, the average person uses 12 different products a day, allowing the chemicals to directly soak into our skin. You can visit EWG’s website for a full list of chemicals to watch out for!

Now you are ready to tackle xenoestrogens and reduce the burden they are putting on your body. Don’t let them stop you from living #yourbestlife :)


A Smart Women’s Guide to Hormones

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