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5 Tips for Lowering Your Grocery Bill

I've heard it many times: "I can't afford to eat healthy." While I agree that nutritious, health-promoting foods cost a lot more than junk food, there are a few tricks I've learned over the years to overcome this unfair obstacle to healthy eating and to keep the grocery bill as low as possible. Even though I feel that there is no greater investment than investing in your own and your family's health, it's always nice to save some money!

Money-Saving Tips:

1. Planning Ahead- This is number one for a few reasons. By taking some time to write out your meals for each day of the week, it makes a very specific grocery list so you're only buying ingredients that you need. I used to buy a whole bunch of food with no real plan, and this resulted in a lot of waste. Time is money, and by having a specific list, you can get in and out of the grocery store a lot quicker. It also makes meal prep. through the week a lot faster when you have a plan. Lastly, it cuts down on buying over-priced meals out because you "don't know what to make."

2. Make Large Batches- This may seem obvious, but by making double portions of certain meals, it gives you lots of leftovers so that you're set for lunch or other nights of the week. This ties closely with planning ahead and also saves you time and unnecessary expenses of eating out. Remember, freezing is an option as well! You can defrost as you need to optimize the freshness of your large batches!

3. Meatless Mondays- And Tuesdays, and Wednesdays...etc. ;) If you're not accustomed to eating plant-based meals it's key to have some good resources, so check out our Recipes page, or some of these great blogs below. Want to keep it really simple? Substitute 1 cup of green lentils for ground beef in your spaghetti. A pack of green lentils costs around $3 and will last you for weeks.

4. Make it Yourself- Cut down on buying packaged goods by making it yourself. For example, a package of hummus from the store costs between $4-6 and gives about 2 servings. When you make a batch of hummus (in less than 15min) you get way more servings for a fraction of the price. It also tastes way better!

5. Buy Imperfect- I'm not sure if other grocery stores are doing this, but at Loblaws you can buy 'imperfect' fruits and vegetables that are in funny shapes, for less. I recently bought their 2kg bag of frozen berries for several dollars less than the 'perfect' competitor price.


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