• Dr. Margot Lattanzi, ND

The Low Down on Vaginal Steaming…. Wait, Vaginal What?!

I know, you are sitting there thinking “That Margot girl is crazy….she wrote an article on what?!”. And trust me, a few years ago I would have thought the same thing. But then I tried it, and lived to tell my story. Vaginal steaming has been used in ancient healing traditions in countries such as China, Korea and various South American countries. It is said to cleanse the uterus, improve blood flow, relax pelvic muscles and improve menstrual discomfort (surprisingly, I could not find any studies on this…. :P). It is also very relaxing, allows for some self love and much needed time for yourself. Using different herbs can provide a variety of added benefit to the treatment, but I will talk about the ones I have used.

What you’ll need: A pot (preferable one with two handles), hot water, 1 cup dried calendula herb, 3 drops lavender essential oil, a mediums size towel, 2-4 blankets/large towels, your toilet

What to do: Place boiled water in the pot. Add in the calendula and lavender and cover. Let the herbs steep for 10 minutes and then remove the lid and let the water cool for about 10 minutes. Flip up the seat of your toilet and place the pot in. I then like to place a towel in between the pot and the toilet seat. Strip from the waist down, sit on the toilet and wrap yourself in blankets. If the steam is too hot, let it cool off before wrapping yourself. It should be warm, but never hot! Sit for 20 minutes and relax.

*Avoid during menstruation, if you have heavy cycles, have a vaginal infection or wounds, and if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. If you have any questions, speak to your health care provider before starting treatment

Other quick tips for your vagina:

-Use gentle soaps and avoid products loaded with fragrances and chemicals

-Wear cotton underwear during the day, and allow your vagina to breathe at night by going commando

-Coconut oil can be used when you are feeling a little irritated down there. It is gentle, wont throw off the pH and has mild antimicrobial properties

-Oral probiotics can influence your vaginal flora in a positive way, restoring balance to the bacteria



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