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The Turmeric Trend: Yay or nay?

As of recently, turmeric has been gaining major popularity. In fact, Blog TO just named Turmeric Lattes the next big food trend in Toronto with places like Nutbar and Greenhouse Juice Co. serving up the spicy warm beverage. Is this a band wagon you should jump onto? We think yes.

A Little More on Turmeric

It seems like creating a list of things turmeric can’t do would be shorter. Turmeric’s claim to fame can definitely be attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the active ingredient curcumin. Turmeric is historically known for having an affinity for the digestive tract because of it’s carminative actions.

Fun fact: ginger and turmeric belong to the same plant family. The bright yellow colour of the rhizome is used as colouring agents in things like cheese and butter.

Note-able Conditions

  1. Osteoarthritis: Studies have shown taking a turmeric extract can in fact reduce pain and improve function of this degenerative joint disease. Also, supplementation can reduce the number of pain killers needed or eliminate them all together, which is often desirable for patients.

  2. IBD: There is some evidence to suggest taking curcumin can reduce the number of bowel movements, diarrhea and abdominal pain for this condition. What a relief!

  3. Depression: Newer research suggests that taking curcumin is just as effective as taking fluoxetine (antidepressant) for treating major depressive disorder.

I choose these three conditions to show just how versatile this herb is! From the body to the mind, there are many other diseases turmeric is beneficial for.

What if I Don’t Have a Diagnosable Disease?

Just like I mentioned above there are many other health benefits when consuming this spicy herb. You might have seen turmeric advertised as part of a detox and that’s because it is also able to support the liver in detoxification. It’s full of antioxidants and contains antimicrobial properties warding off any looming sickness. Some literature also names turmeric as a cancer preventative! If you don’t want to supplement, turmeric milk can act as a great alternative to coffee with the added nutritional bonus.

Is There Anything Bad About this Herb?

Not really…However, the beautiful yellow colour stains so be careful when cooking and consuming it. Turmeric may aggravate symptoms such as heartburn due to it’s spicy nature and interacts with certain drug classes. So, as always check with a health care physician before consuming.

What you Need to Know Before you Buy

Each condition requires different dosing and extracts! Book an appointment to find out whether turmeric is right for you and what prescription is indicated to start benefiting today!

Start the Turmeric Trend at Home

Try this Turmeric Milk aka Golden Milk recipe for daily health maintenance. Make sure to include black pepper as it increases the absorption of the beneficial qualities. You can purchase turmeric powder or even turmeric spice mixes to add. I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago for my period cramps (I know yet another benefit) and find that it tastes similar to a chai latte. Enjoy :)


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