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WaterWorks - Discover Hydrotherapy!

​Hydrotherapy utilizes one of the most powerful, abundant natural resources to optimize your health – WATER!

What really makes water stand out from the common diet and lifestyle motto is that not only is it essential for health, but for life as well. So where does water fit in to today’s topic?

Well, do you often catch colds, fall susceptible to flus, experience unrelenting congestion, have chronic inflammatory pain, chronic disease, and or are unable to shake off that low-energy?!

Many people suffer from weakened immune systems which can actually make you susceptible to many of these symptoms! Our immune system gets weakened by chronic stress which is so common in today’s society, unbalanced lifestyles, dietary habits, and nutritional deficiencies. Check out Heather’s article on stress to see what you can do to get into that peaceful place within us that we sometimes forget about!

To get down to the source of many of these symptoms, balancing our immune system can make a big difference! What we mean by balancing is that we want to neither suppress it (otherwise we’ll get sick easily), nor upregulate it (which may lead to autoimmune conditions – your body may attack itself if the immune system is too sensitive).

We want to optimize our immune system function to do its tasks, without losing control.

This is why creating time for you to relax, eating balanced, whole foods and having a lifestyle that supports wellness is so important. Yes. We may already be aware of these factors in our overall health… but have you ever thought of hydrotherapy?!

Types of Hydrotherapy:

Hydration – so simple it is to implement and so powerful in its effects, yet many people forget to drink adequate water

  • Critical in thermal regulation

  • Associated with cognitive performance (concentration, short-term memory, alertness, and mood)

  • Physical performance (endurance, fatigue, motivation, and perception of effort)

  • Constipation relief if dehydrated

  • Maintains kidney health, prevents kidney wear and tear

  • Reduces the intensity and duration of headaches associated with dehydration

  • Maintains health of joints

Click here to see the water content of different foods!

Click here to see adequate intake values based on age and energy requirements as a guide (AI = Adequate Intake)

Alternating hot and cold - shower, towel compresses, or hot and cold packs

  • An effective way bump up that circulation!

  • Helps wounds and injured tissues heal faster by providing fresh nutrients and oxygen and removing waste products

  • Increases production of white blood cells, components of your body’s defense system

  • Releases endorphins that not only make you feel good, but also provides pain relief, and reduces inflammation

Baths – Peat, Epsom salt, Sitz

  • The addition of minerals and essential oils provide pain relief, help with relaxation, and can be anti-microbial

  • Steam from baths can also help with decongestion, especially when combined with essential oils like Eucalyptus


  • Are a great way to detox through good old sweat. This removes waste products from your body that impair its ability to function optimally.

Essential oils can be added to your baths, steam inhalations, saunas and are used for relaxant, anti-microbial, decongestant properties among others. They are easily absorbed by our skin and can be inhaled with steam.

*We do not recommend ingesting them as some can be toxic*

All types can also energize your body and mind!

The seasons may be changing, but one of the beauties of hydrotherapy is that it can be done at any time of the year, and most of the time in your own home!

Please consult with your health care provider for recommendations on what you can try these at home or in clinic. We also offer peat baths, sauna, and constitutional hydrotherapy treatment at the RSNC so you can book an appointment!


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