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App Review: Margot’s 3 Favourite (and free) Workout Apps

As the final post in our fitness series, we thought we’d give you another app review. As you know, there are many different ways to workout and be active. Having a gym membership can be expensive, getting to a class can be difficult to schedule, and without the guidance of someone, our workouts can seem a little lost. Well, lucky for us technology has come along way from pre-ordering aerobic VHS’s off tv infomercials and there are tons of great and free apps out there. I personally love working out with an app. It gives me the flexibility to do it where I want, when I want, and with the right amount of guidance to push me hard enough during the workout.

My Top 3 Apps:

1. Seven The seven minute workout is one of the smartest workouts. It’s easy enough for any level of fitness and no equipment is required. It includes moves such as jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches and squats; each move is done for 30 seconds with a quick break in between. As you practice, you will notice your body able to increase the number of each exercise you can accomplish in the time frame! This app gives you the option to change the voice of the announcer, watch the exercise to see correct form, and do the circuit multiple times if you want a longer workout. Its simple! You can’t tell me you can’t find 7 minutes in a day ;)

2. Nike Training Club

This is my go to workout app. You can choose workouts based on your level and intensity. Each work out has videos to explain the moves and announcer has just the right amount of advice and encouragement as you go along. Workouts can be selected based on focus areas or amount of time you have. There are also team workouts if you prefer to be with a buddy. Want to look like your favourite athlete or celebrity? They have those too!

3. FitVid Yoga

This app combines a variety of different yoga routines. There are over 10 different channels you can view, each with at least 10 different yoga routines ranging from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. Be warned, some channels are better than others. Some have personal stories, ads or poorer video quality. But I guarantee you will find some you really like!

Other yoga mentions:

-Fitstar Yoga: The video quality is much higher than fitvid yoga and it reminds me more of a classic workout dvd. A cool feature it has is that you can tap if the pose it to hard so it will tailor it for you the next time you choose to do it.

-Daily yoga: The categories on this app make it really easy to find the type of yoga routine your body is craving. However the white background is a little distracting and the instructor’s voices are less than ideal.

Perks for the Apple lovers- Apple Health: Health will automatically be on your phone. A bunch of these apps can be synched with apple health to track your fitness all in one place.

Honourable mentions:

-Prefer to make up your own circuits? Use an app like Tabata to guide you through your circuit with set counting and a timer.

-Favourite Website: Fellow blogger Michelle can’t live without - give it a try!

Use another app for your fitness needs? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!


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